What I Learnt from Yoga

The word yoga is made up only four English letters but it teaches lot of lessons in our life. Nowadays I am noticing that everyone is frustrated with their life. People have a lot of pressure of their work, families, and friends. Everyone is busy in earning more money. No one has time for physical exercise and workout. People are suffering lot of problems, even I suffered the same situation in my life. It was a horrible time for me, I suffered from mental stress, physical weakness, breathing problem and many more at the same time.

One day I was reading a newspaper and suddenly my eyes stopped on an article. The article was on the importance of yoga practices. After reading the complete article, I made my mind to become fit then I found that yoga is the best practice to become healthy and fit. From the very next morning, I promised myself to practice yoga regularly and I experienced the benefits of yoga within one week and here I want to share that what I learned from yoga. 

Anyone who practices can obtain success in yoga but not one who is lazy. Constant practice alone is the secret of success

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

My Learning from Yoga

1) Never give up:

Yoga teaches us patience and never giving up in any situation. Everything will be fine with the flow of time, so we should keep calm and never give up. Perfect things take time so never feel stressed when things don’t work out in first go. We should always be passionate and motivated towards goals of our life.

2) Practice makes a man perfect:

In yoga, there are many asanas which are really very difficult. None can perform these difficult asanas in their first time. If anyone wants to master in these asanas then he or she should regularly practice these.

3) Discipline

Discipline is one of the most important learning that I have learned from yoga. Actually, discipline plays an important in our life. For achieving anything in life, We must follow some discipline in our life or we can say that discipline is the key of success

4) Failure is Good 

Every successful person in this world has failed at least once or more. It is necessary to accept the failure and learn from our mistakes to become a successful person. Every failure teaches an important lesson.

5) Don’t take problems so seriously in life.

Problems demotivate us or we can say that it distracts any person from their goals or objectives. This is the universal fact that we have to suffer many problems when we are starting anything new in our life so we should never take problems so seriously

Yoga teaches us many things. Regular practices of yoga have many benefits like it cures mental stress and it removes the physical pain of joints. It improves physical stamina, concentration power. So we all should do yoga practice regularly to keep our body healthy and fit.