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Grand Opening of Infinity

We can’t keep and calm because of one of the best yoga center is about to open in our city Rohtak on 16 June 2019. Infinity Yoga studio will focus on only quality workout session by their certified and experienced trainers. On 16 June 2019, we will provide free demo classes in which we will discuss about the right techniques to perform modern yoga, power yoga, meditation, pranayama and many more by Vaibhav Rana. Infinity Yoga will provide quality session in yoga, dance, therapies, and CrossFit workout at the affordable price range. Visit and attend the free demo session in our center on 16 July 2019. The timing of the session will from 09:00 am to 12:00 pm and for more more information please contact on 9034023322.


Power of Meditation

Mediation is a practice to train or mind. It is a type of Yoga Practise by which each and every individual resting the mind and attaining a state of conciseness. This is the perfect exercise to keep our’s mind healthy and fit so an individual practices meditation daily for at least 7 minutes in a day to boost the effectiveness of the brain. Mediation has many benefits as

  1. Reduces stress level
  2. Promotes emotional health
  3. Controls Anxiety
  4. Increases Self Awareness
  5. Reduces age-related memory loss.

Healthy food

Nowadays in this era, everyone wants to become healthy and fit. Generally, people have a perception physical workout is the only parameter for a healthy and perfect body. A healthy diet is more important in bodybuilding, weight loss in comparison to physical workout. In fact, we can also say that 80% of the body development depends upon the diet plan of an individual and 20% depends on the quality workout so it is essential for all of us add more proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, good fat in our diet to become healthy and fit. Healthy diet increases the physical stamina of the body, reduces the tiredness from the body, boosts the power of the brain, etc. So if you want a healthy and fit life then it necessary always eat a high source protein diet.    
Best yoga center in rohtak

The Best Experience Ever

"Infinity Yoga Studio is one of the best yoga studio in Rohtak. Trainers have good knowledge and experience and they are always to hep in my practice session"
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