Dance is important for the body

Dance is an art which consists of selected movements of the body. It is a great way to keep our body healthy and fit. We can cut more than 300 calories by performing the dance. According to a survey, forms of dance can burn more calories than other forms of workout. Dance moves and shakes require more energy which burns hundreds of calories in our body.

Dancing demands a lot of energy as it involves free flow movement of the body part in all direction. While other forms of physical workout like running, swimming, spiking etc. use momentum to keep you moving but in dancing there are numbers of acceleration and deceleration which require more energy. If running is like driving a car on a highway than dancing is like driving a car through a busy city which burns tons of fuel because of acceleration, deceleration, and changing direction. In the same way, dancing burns the number of calories as it requires many acceleration and deceleration.

According to a study, dancing has many benefits like it increases physical stamina, improves energy, provides more flexibility, reduces physical and mental stress and many more. It also encourages social bonding. It is more than a simple class of workout. We can say that dance is an activity by which we can express our feelings, thoughts, and emotions. So, dance is a great way for people of all ages to stay fit and healthy.