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Yoga For
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Yoga is the way to stay healthy and fit. It is a practice that connects the body, breath, and mind. Yoga can increase the level of fitness, flexibility and physical strength. The word YOGA is originated from the sanskrit language which cures the human body from mental as well as physical stress.  In the earlier time, western country peoples did not consider practices an important activity but gradually western countries also understand its importance in living a healthy life.

best yoga studio in rohtak


Yoga is crucial to everyone nowadays and Infinity Yoga is one the best yoga training center in Rohtak which teaches high quality yoga workout by their certified trainer. Trainers have good experience and knowledge which provide professional classes.

best yoga center in rohtak

Vinyasa Yoga

Present form of Indian Classical Yoga, derived from the Sanskrit word Ashtanga

yoga coaching classes in rohtak


Made up of two Sanskrit words, which imply on breathing techniques

top yoga training center in rohtak


Teaches an individual to remain keep, calm and compassion

top yoga classes in rohtak

Power Yoga

Increases concentration power and physical stamina through fitness exercises

best yoga classes in rohtak


Help in relaxation through breathing techniques plus mental and physical exercises.

best yoga center in rohtak

Modern Yoga

Combination of physical activities which is developed by the western techniques of Gymnastics

Membership Plans

Answer the following questions that will help you to choose a Membership Plan

  1. Whether you want to choose group or individuals session?
  2. How long you want to enroll yourself for-1,3,6 or 12 months?
  3. Which combo plan you are choosing?

Membership Plan for Group Classes

  • 5 Days A Week
  • 1 month- Rs.1800 (20 sessions in 30 days)
  • 3 months- Rs. 5000 (60 sessions in 90 days)
  • 6 months- Rs.10000 (120 sessions in 180 days)
  • 12 months- Rs. 18000 (240 sessions in 365 days)
  • **** Ask for Family Memberships at the reception.

Membership Plan for Private Classes

  • 5 Days A Week
  • 1 month- Rs. 2500 (20 sessions in 30 days)
  • 3 months- Rs.7000 (60 sessions in 90 days)
  • 6 months- Rs.14000 (120 sessions in 180 days)
  • 12 months- Rs. 25000 (240 sessions in 365 days)
  • **** Ask for Family Memberships at the reception.

Membership Plan for Therapies Sessions

  • 4 times in a month
  • Bed therapy- Rs. 200
  • Full Body therapy- Rs. 500
  • Deep Relaxation therapy- Rs. 700

Membership Plan for Kriya Sessions

  • 20 sessions in a month 
  • Simple Kriya session- Rs. 300/month
  • Advanced kriya session- Rs. 500/ month

Membership Plan for Dance Sessions

  • 20 sessions in a month 
  • Dance Classes- Rs. 700/month

Ayurvedic Diet Planner



Rs 1800 / month
Group session is an extraordinary way to share and explore yoga workout and a deeply understanding of yoga technique and movement. 
  • Group Training
  • 15 to 20 persons
  • Useful for the body


Rs 2500 / month

Infinity offers private classes for the pregnant woman. Meditation and other techniques of yoga help the expectant mother during the pregnancy.

  • Private Training
  • Only one person
  • Useful for the body


We have not the flexible body so can we do yoga?

Yes, we all have the perfect body for yoga. Generally, we think that we need to flexible to perform yoga

How many hours do I spend per week to perform yoga?

Yoga is great. Even one hour of workout in a week will experience the benefits of yoga

What are the benefit of yoga in our life?

Yoga is an art and science which release the mental stress as well as it also releases the joint pain of the body. 

How yoga is different from another workout?

Yoga is very different from another workout because in yoga we connect movement of body parts, fluctuation of mind and the rhythm of the breath at the same time .

What is yoga?

Yoga is a combination of physical exercise, psychological activities, meditation and breathing techniques. 

Yoga has branches also?

Yes, Yoga has different branches like modern yoga, vinyasa yoga, power yoga, hatha yoga and many more. 

Why people join infinity?

Our trainers have more than 12 years of experience. We have trained more than 500 people. Infinity trainers deliver only quality workout and teach the right way of workout