Start yoga practices at Infinity Yoga center to get fit and healthy life. Make a bold move and join Infinity yoga classes to increase your confidence and physical stamina.

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Infinity Yoga is one of the best therapy, dance and yoga training center in Rohtak which teaches high quality workout by their certified trainers who posses vast experience and knowledge. 

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Vinyasa Yoga

Present form of Indian Classical Yoga, derived from the Sanskrit word Ashtanga

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Made up of two Sanskrit words, which imply on breathing techniques

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Teaches an individual to remain keep, calm and compassion

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Help in relaxation through breathing techniques plus mental and physical exercises

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Power Yoga

Increases concentration power and physical stamina through fitness exercises.

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Modern Yoga

Stimulates weight loss and improves the body's sensitivity to insulin

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Hatha Yoga

Improves physical stamina, flexibility and reduces the mental stress.

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Improves physical conditioning and versatility.

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Dance Classes

Boosts the condition of heart and lungs.

Numbers speak

We believe only in numbers so we are providing high-quality training by Certified trainers at the affordable price range. Yoga is like a cake walk for our trainers. 
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years of experience

Our trainers have more than 12+ years of experience

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happy clients

We are still counting numbers. We have 500+ happy clients where we made significant health impacts

programs & trainings

We have conducted yoga training programs in different schools and universities

why yoga?

The term yoga is obtained from the word “Yuj” which means to unite or to join. The concept of yoga practices had started by India. It is a skill to live a healthy and relaxing life. In the ancient time, people did not consider yoga practices as an important activity of their life but gradually they could understand its importance in living healthy life.

Benefits of Yoga

  1. Reduces mental and physical stress of the body.
  2. Cures a human body from many diseases like blood pressure, asthma and so on.
  3. Releases  pain from the body parts. 
  4. Teaches discipline.
  5. Develop flexibility, physical and mental strength

What my clients
say about me

If you want to mix up your body top class quality workouts and proper diet plan, then Infinity Yoga Center is the right place for you. One of the top yoga center in Rohtak.
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Ankit Kumar
I have completely changed my body after joining the Infinity Yoga Classes. Center has a high-quality infrastructure. I felt proud of myself after attending the classes.
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Chandrakala Bisht
Infinity yoga is one of the best yoga training center in Rohtak. Trainers in the center are very professional. They provide high-quality session and workouts.
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Rahul Gupta
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best yoga classes in rohtak


Our trainers have more than 12 years of experience. we have trained more than 500 people. Infinity trainers deliver only quality workout and teach the right way of workout